About Chhand Art


Chhand Art has been in existence since 2017.

Chhand Art is an art & handicraft online retail/wholesale store which specializes in showcasing unique one-of-a-kind, hand-made art products from smaller art vendor to individual hobbyists and artist. Our online store offers great variety of hand-made products under Home Decor, Home essentials, wearable accessories sections. Our products are majorly made from waste, discarded materials from our routine. Our products are 100% handmade and unique enough to stand out from the commercial products.

Concept behind Chhand Art

The word 'Chhand Art' means 'Hobby' in one Marathi. It is an Indian regional language. As the name suggests, our belief is to inculcate a hobby in our lives. In today's fast pace world where Wellness and Work life balance awareness is gaining importance because stressful workdays with long work hours. We often forget the importance of having a Hobby and how it helps improving our work performance , decision-making skills, creativity and confidence. It is our one step towards restoring the balance in our lives.

While you are reading this, we urge you to pause here. Think! What is it that you have enjoyed doing. Collecting coins, stamps, strumming through your guitar to string the words together? A melody which you have hummed? Reading? Being creative? Like I am doing it now? Learn something new for a new hobby. But do something for yourself.

Whatever it is. Bring it back in your life. If you still have it in your life then resolve to inculcate it strongly and not let it go. This is the only thing which will stay with you forever.